Wild Escapades around Central India

Book Cover

Wild Escapades around Central India: A collection of travel stories through the wooded valleys of Madhya Pradesh (ISBN: 978-8193208502)

Published 2016 (Catalogued at the British Library)

400 Pages; 300+ Photographs; 170+ Hand Illustrations; Hardbound

Inception | In the summers of 2013, destiny took me into the serenading Satpuras. Mother nature charmed us through its many beauties. The quiet unexplored surroundings took us to many natural heavens. This was followed by some intense reading; through old Colonial Gazettes, Reports on Indian Forestry, Working Plans, Shikar Stories and literally anything related to Central India. Local newspapers, departmental pamphlets collected during our visits, information boards, and oral histories from native people were also included as vital sources. Soon Sterndale, Forsyth, Rippentrop, Glasfurd, Dunbar Brander, Sainthill Eardley Wilmot, Silver Hackle, H. C. Hicks, E. P. Stebbing, and J. D. Saint Joseph occupied much of my small bookshelf. Around this time, I first felt a need for documenting these natural paradises; their history, inhabitants and their struggle for survival. My idea was to popularize these destinations and sensitize people about the need to conserve them.

Roles & Responsibilities | Research including multiple visits to each and every Protected Area covered in the book at different seasons, Photography, Author, Illustrator – Sketching and Watercolor, Conceptualization of the Info-graphics, etc.

Objectives | Although documentation of Central India’s natural wealth was the primary objective, there was a secondary purpose of raising public awareness about the benefits of safeguarding our natural world. To make it useful for the budding wildlife enthusiasts, a section on “Practicalities” was appended. I always believed that if my book can be successful in transforming a single human being into a nature lover, my humble efforts have been rewarded. It is heartening to know that the book has gone much beyond its intended objective.

Coverage | Wild Escapades around Central India presents a refreshing slice of wondrously wild Central India. Studded with practical travel information and elaborate maps, it covers 10 National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. It also supports “MP Tiger Foundation” with the author royalties directed towards tiger conservation in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Response | “Wild Escapades around Central India … looks absolutely beautiful! The design and layout reflects the lushness of the region it covers. As a reader and someone previous involved in the publishing industry, I definitely have an appreciation for good page composition and layout. The book is so well organized and composed. It encourages the reader to pick it up, leaf through it, and then get drawn-in, first by the pictures, then to the headings, captions and short call-outs to the right of the text. Then, the text itself is very well written and engaging. Congratulations!” 

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