Why Ranomafana? A central forested patch measuring around 41600 hectares, Ranomafana is amongst the most frequented destination for serious naturalists. This mid elevation (600-1400m) rain forest is replete with lush jungles fed by a series of gurgling streams (Rivers Namorona, Ranomafana and many others) and numerous waterfalls fosters a total of 29 mammals species including 12 species of lemurs. However, the main draw here is the Golden Bamboo Lemurs and Mouse Lemurs. The habitat is oozing with wildlife and sightings are easy; from Giraffe necked – weevils to Mouse Lemurs; from Bamboo Lemurs to Mouse Lemurs you chances are high. Exploration of this vastness has many options – both Night and Day Safaris – for a range of wildlife lovers. So, if you really want to see some wonders.

Travel-Tricks | Ranomafana has good connectivity with major cities such as Antananarivo (8 Hours) and Fianarantsoa (3 Hours)

Things to do | Ranomafana can never be explored satisfactorily even in a weeks time; there is so much to see and believe me each experience is unique. To start with, Ranomafana has a crisp and clear night sky; do take out some time after dinner to witness this splendour. Exploring wildlife is simply not a problem here with a range of hiking options available; select one depending on your time, energy and physical fitness. Amongst all of the parks we explored in Madagascar, Ranomafana is amongst the most demanding with muddy non-existent tracks at many places. Having said that, it is completely doable. We came across a lady aged 83. Also in Ranomafana there are ample opportunities to see the forest at night with many nocturnal wild denizens out to move around. 

We started with a 3-hour trail across the river Ranomafana in search of Bamboo lemurs. The lush jungle opened up its many secrets; a kite or thorn spider trickled around just as when a bunch of Brown Lemurs shook up the trees. After a while a lone Black and White ruffed Lemur and then after a long hike, we came face to face with the signature species … Golden Bamboo Lemurs. Soon after dusk, we regrouped again for a walk in the jungle. Another unique creation of mother nature – Mouse Lemurs – came to meet us. A coat of ripe banana was enough to invite them. Seeing their playful maneuvers we moved ahead to see some smaller ones – Giraffe necked weevils and Geckos, Chameleons. Travel Tips | Keep some spare time and explore the surroundings around your resort; at our ecolodge, we saw a host of interesting things – the wildlife has no boundaries and the whole area is teeming with floral and faunal diversity.