Why Anja? Short and Simple, if you want to see the iconic ring tailed lemurs from a closer distance, Anja should be ideally be your stopover between Ranomafana and Isalo. It can be easily covered in a short span of time and sightings are almost guaranteed. Also, as this is a community reserve you help in conservation of lemurs … 30 ha

Things to do | Take a ticket, and move straight to the thicket behind the lake where in most likelihood you will find a resident bunch of ring-tailed lemurs munching fresh leaf buds from the trees laden. This is also a great place to observe and photograph this iconic species from close range. In our personal experience, Anja became the first place where we could photograph the lemurs with some satisfaction. And the excitement does not stop there, Anja is also a great place to spot Chameleon. These weird creatures are seen all over the place and are prompted into action by local guides who often feed crickets.

Travel Tricks | Anja is located between somewhere in between Ranomafana and Ranohira so if you are travelling in between do visit this. Travel Tips