Why Isalo? To summarize in one word, Isalo is “Exceptional!” MNP (Madagascar National Parks) a body that manages the many protected areas across Madagascar has categorized the parks as – Nature, Phases and Exceptinnel. In recognition of its uniqueness and grandeur spanning around 81500 hectares, Isalo has been designated as “Exceptional,” a prestigious status shared only by Ankarana. There is a deep-rooted reasoning as to why Isalo has been treated specially. Those who have witnessed its vastness know that Isalo is not just a park, it’s a whole landscape. A landscape that has been crafted by the forces of nature for millions of years with very less human intervention. Unhindered workmanship of nature has resulted in a series of eroded mountains (some going back to the Jurasic age), dotted with steep canyons, deep gorges & breathtakingly beautiful natural pools. At times, the whole landscape looks so arid, so old and so lifeless; the next moment the in-house oases unlock a whole range of verdant shades of green. Isalo is an open air museum where you can time-travel, where you can see how the techtonic forces are splitting the island nation into fragments. 

Travel Tricks | Isalo is Ranohira

Things to do | Isalo has some added pastimes when it comes to spending your time. Here in addition one can swim in the bounty of natural pools, get enchanted with the landscape or wander through it on a horseback. The 

watered elephant’s foot (Pachypodium rosulatum) age old museum showcasing the forces of nature … lighting at dawn and dusk