Buddhadeb Dasgupta

Trained in economics, Buddhadeb grew up in the remoteness of Madhya Pradesh (now Chhattisgarh) exploring about the many diversities of human existence. This very upbringing aroused a never-ending curiosity that later found expression through his poetic creations. Buddhadeb excelled in crafting images, always fresh in approach, and blending them into cinematic experiences. In one word, his works can be best summarized as “Surreal” however never detached from reality. He also explored and decoded new perspectives of common relationships that were never talked before. A prolific film-maker, Buddhadeb’s films are a class apart, unique in many ways. Long Shots, Remote (often Barren) Unseen Landscapes, more of natural sounds and less of human dialogues, open endings are some of the characteristics of his work.